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The independent worker takes a different view of their money. We’re finally building tools that do too. 

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Predict Your Future Bank Balance.

From recurring bills to daily transactions, Balance adjusts in real-time to display your bank balance on a calendar. Today and every day in the future.

Want to see how picking up that shift (or taking the time off), changes your future balance? Simply input a “what if” of money in (or money out) on any given day, and we’ll do the rest.


Connect your bank accounts.

Balance keeps all of your personal information secure, and automatically updates in real time.


See your money on a calendar.

Balance is less about looking back, more about looking forward.


Run “what if” scenarios.

Plan ahead based on shifts you work, tips you make, cash you deposit, bills you pay. Balance is less about financial management, more about financial freedom.

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to Managing Your Money.

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