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Why I Started Balance. And Three Hard Truths about Gig Work.
I started Balance for the independents. To help people like me look forward to managing our money and our happiness. And build wealth on our terms.
Forecasting. The Independent Worker's (or Gig Workers) Key to Building Wealth.
If you're an independent worker, budgeting is only half the equation. Cash flow forecasting is your missing link to building wealth. Good news is -- you already do it.
We Made a Cash Flow Calculator on a Calendar for the Independent (or gig) Worker.
We started with a cash flow calculator on a calendar because it’s simple, effective, and familiar for the independent worker. It’s our Alpha Baby 👶 and we’re stoked to share it with all of you.
A Damn Whiteboard. And 3 Other Reasons Balance is Putting the Shift & Appointment Based Independent Worker (#gigworker) First in Forecasting their Money.
Tools today still miss the point for the independent worker. This whiteboard doesn't lie.
Why the Way Independent Workers (#gigworkers) Get Loans is All Wrong.
Today’s options for determining credit worthiness are not great for the independent worker (#gigworker). We can do better. And it starts with their cash flow.

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